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November 15, 2006


Airpodblack1Blue Air's AirPod delivers clean air in a contemporary style that's compact and attractive enough for any space. The AirPod weighs less than 2 lbs., retails for $99 and comes in white, black or blue. Packs of two replacement filters cost $39.95 and come in wave, tree or paisley patterns.

The AirPod purifies 45 cubic feet of air per minute and is made with strict attention to environmental concerns. According to Blue Air, "[AirPod] uses approximately 60% less material to manufacture, 50% less packaging and 85% less energy than other air purifiers with comparable performance. It also runs on less than five watts of power where other units require 40Airpodstripe1 watts. No chemicals are used on the filter or elsewhere and no ozone by-products are released from the unit. In addition, all components  and the packaging are 100% recyclable."

Plus it's the best looking air purifier we've come across.

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