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December 30, 2004

Hello...Any Women Out There?

We're always looking for more women on the forefront of contemporary furniture and industrial design and it seems like Sweden has more than its fair share. Kudos! From Vacuums to Volvos Swedish women have been rocking the status quo design boat. Still, women have a way to go. According to an article published in Sweden's Form Magazine, "The Society of Swedish Industrial Designers (SID) has just over 330 members, and just under one hundred of these are women. (It is perhaps no surprise to learn that the gender distribution in the Association’s textile designer division is dramatically reversed, with only one man among some 70 women!)"

The article explores the issues of and solutions to breaking a gender bias, introduces some of Sweden's leading female designers plus takes a look at some of their groundbreaking work. Treat yourself to the full read, Women gaining ground in industrial design in Sweden.

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