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December 14, 2004

What Rhymes With Orange?

There is still no good answer for that but I asked to get you thinking about the word orange. You'll want to have it at the tip of your tongue once you see the fresh lines and new designs by LA based design house orange22. Pure Contemporary interviewed Dario Antonioni, orange22's founder and principal designer and guess what he said...the market for contemporary and modern is a might bit slow on this side of the Atlantic. Well, we may have already known that but it's always nice to hear a little reinforcement, and  a little inside info on how the trend is starting to change. The good news is that orange22 is about cutting edge, modern, inventive, even fun pieces and they're doing their part to make forms like theirs function across the states. It's a heavy load to carry but with the pieces coming out of there––I love the Sputnik Desk, Bi_Lounge and Luna2––they shouldn't have much of a problem.

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