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January 27, 2005

Home Makeovers Offer Confidence Boost?

With nearly all media (including Pure Contemporary) offering and showcasing home makeovers, the question begs, do we actually learn anything from these makeovers? Deborah Lotz, interior designer and CEO of Jewel Box Frames, says yes. "Home makeovers show the average person that it is possible to make dramatic changes without knocking down walls. They  can inspire as well as educate the novice on "how the designers" do these makeovers. I think the average person sometimes just does not know how to start. You'd be surprised at how many people haven't even framed a picture!"

Framing pictures and then some is Lotz speciality. The Manhattan Beach, Calif. resident has designed some of the most unique gold and platinum awards for the music industry and for rockers from Madonna to Outkast. She also has designed high profile spots like Spago of Beverly Hills.

For the rest of us who may not be so creatively endowed, Lotz offers a suggestion for tackling a makeover of your own. Experiment. "When I am making changes in my environment (or for a client for that matter) I like to work in stages. If I'm making a drastic change in color or fabric I will always do a test. Paint a 2ft portion of the wall or buy a larger swatch of fabric to see how it looks." Little steps makes the leap a lot less scary.

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