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January 13, 2005

Modern and Contemporary Designer Baby Furniture

With the BeBe Nursery line, carried by Sparkability and Offi, stylish parents don't have to depend on DNA to pass their savvy on to their children. They can outfit their rooms in affordable modern and contemporary baby furniture. BeBe Nursery's great lines and fun designs complement the rest of the modern home, and give babies an edge on style they'll appreciate when they're older.

BeBe is the baby of Harvard educated designer Roberto Gil, whose Argentine routes and architectural background translate to exciting, bright, modern designs that make babies chic and keep cash in parents' hands.

"Finally, a designer determined to change the traditional, characteristic attitudes and habits of the generic baby's room, has created a line of baby furniture derived from his study of modern furniture" says Maine-based direct marketer and dad, Mark Woodbury - founder of - a website selling toys and modern furnishings for kids. "Roberto Gil realized that to create the ideal first environment required an entirely new vision for everything that went into the nursery, one that reinforced its relationship to the rest of the home's decorative scheme."

Gil believed that families today want the nursery to flow with the rest of the house. "We have high expectations when it comes to our families and our children. We ourselves look for high functionality and clean design." Gil's other lines of children's furniture have been sold most recently at furniture stores around the world including New York, London, Tokyo, Milano, Moirans-en-Montagne, France and Brazil.

The new Kids BeBe nursery collection including two Crib versions, a Changing table and a Storage cabinet - the core elements of the collection - are made of Stained Brazilian Plywood. The designer was able to outline his needs very specifically because of his extensive research into what parents want. That made it easy for him to focus his particular skills and to engineer function and style into the line. The result is very workable furniture. A beautiful crib, for example, that is still affordable. The natural ply ends provide the simple yet strong structure for the adjustable bed support (mattress adjusts to three different heights) and the adjustable rail with hidden hardware. And for all the extra linens, the trundle underneath will hold them until they are needed, and roll them out when ready. The BeBe line will begin shipping in early February, but you'll have to wait until April for the Storage cabinet.

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Hi I'm Judi. I'm very interesting in Bebe because it sounds like what young parents are looking for.

I searched "bebe" on google and fell in love with their beautiful collections immediately. Thanks for your post!

Posted by: Baby furniture sets | Sep 21, 2008 12:49:42 PM

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