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January 18, 2005

Stokke Children's Furniture

At the Canadian Home Furnishings Market this week Stokke showed why its products show up in over 4 million homes. The family owned Norwegian company’s booth was managed by Piam, who happily pointed out all the forms and functions of each product. Standing on chairs, pulling out color swatches, and easily rattling off statistics on company history and consumer satisfaction, she got us just as excited about Stokke's innovative products as she is.



All available in a variety of colors from natural to lime green, Stokke products grow with your child. The KinderZeat is adjustable to any height and, with a weight limit of 300 lbs, can be with your child from toddler hood to adulthood. Pull the chair up to the table so your baby can eat with you. As she grows, adjust the seat and foot-rest heights, its sturdy design means the KZ wont tip over when baby climbs on it. Plus, Stokke knows the KinderZeat will be dragged from counter to sink to cookie jar shelf so they've added glides to make sliding as easy on your child as it is on your floors. It's no wonder that 25,000 of these chair wonders are sold in Norway each year--that's one for every two children born.

If you or a friend have a baby on the way, you've got to see Stokke's Sleepi crib system. This product will stay with your child from when she's days old to decades old. It starts out as a round bassinet, just like mommy's womb, and grows to become a crib. Lockable wheels at the bottom are perfect for rocking the little one to sleep. As the child grows and it becomes harder to lift her out of the crib, adjust the height, she wont escape and you'll save your back. When your baby's grown from tiny to toddler, remove a side piece to create a bed that's easy for your child to get in and out of and acts as a sofa when they're older. Don't need the sofa anymore? The Sleepi converts to two attractive chairs your child will have for years to come.

The Stokke Care system is just as ingenious and has the same staying power. It starts out as a height adjustable changing table with side compartments for everything you need. When your child no longer needs a changing table, Care becomes a work-table for toddlers to color and play at. An extended tabletop option gives the table length to become a desk for schoolwork or, add a few more shelves and you've got a great computer stand, CD rack and bookshelf.

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