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February 13, 2005

The Modern Pull & Knob

Spectradecor_knob_1The jewel of the kitchen is of course, the knob. And no one does knobs better than contemporary designers. Want to dress up a plain white cabinet? Try a colorful hand-pigmented resin in a satin pewter frame from SpectraDecor. Stainless steel and pewter still reign supreme for the cool-toned kitchen, but bright colors are a surprising hit. Opt for elongated pulls and geometric knobs.

Prefer a softer, warmer look? opt for materials that are a little less reflective, such as brushed and satin nickel, bright colors in resin or artisan glass, or materials with matte finishes. Look for elongated pulls that are curved and free of sharp angles or T-knobs.

Inlay of tortoiseshell and lemon tile in pewter by SpectraDecor.

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