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March 04, 2005

Fool's Wood? Paper Chairs

Think you've got a good deal on a bentwood piece? Make sure to look twice. In all likelihood those inexpensive pieces of furniture are made of paper not wood. Paper is printed with a wood grain and pressed into the classic shapes. It's amazing how many people are fooled into thinking its the real thing. By the way, it's not just as bentwood that paper is appearing. Some manufacturers cut corners by mixing like wood and paper. Tops of tables and fronts of case goods may be wood, but the sides and backs and legs are paper. In incredible hutzbah, manufactures photocopy the intricately inlaid wood patterns of high-end lines onto paper. It's amazing that there is such a huge market for these rip off artists. How much of it is the public choosing to buy an inferior product versus unwittingly being duped?

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