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March 07, 2005

Janette Laverrier Sees Success at 94

Laverriere_tablesFor anyone moping about hitting your 40th birthday -- and worried that you aren't where you wanted to be in life, take a page out of Janette Laverrier's book (the actual one is by Yves Badetz), The 94-year old Swiss born designer, has lived about 20 Lifetime episodes (wars, children, divorce,) and is finally seeing the success she deserves.

With a show in London, highlight in March's Wallpaper*, Badetz' book, to cite just the last 12 months. Designs she created in the 60's have been dusted off and given a resurgence by famed London designer and gallery owner Rabih Hage. Thank God good sense, like good designs, prevail or many of us would never have seen the work of this Bauhaus-nurtured woman.

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