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March 16, 2005

Knoll Trumps TECTA in Laccio Battle

Kisofabordlaccio_lAccording to a March 9 ruling from the District Court of Duesseldorf, Federal Republic of Germany, the German furniture manufacturing company TECTA must stop its production and sales of Marcel Breuer's Laccio table. TECTA must account for their sales of the table since August 1 2003 and is liable for damages to Knoll International SpA, a division of Knoll, Inc, the modern environments giant associated not only with Breuer but Eames, Bertoia, Mies and many other masters of simply beautiful design. The court saw the Laccio table as being widely associated with Knoll since 1968 when the company acquired Gavino SpA, the Bologna, IT based manufacturing house for Breuer's table.

The issue is quality control. A table so widely believed to be Knoll's must be manufactured up to Knoll's strict quality standard. Anything less can injure Knoll's reputation as a high-end manufacturer.

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I am dissapointed in a way to hear about this ruling.
Though i dont support knock offs in general, i cant help but to think that there could be manufacturers who can produce these designs with better quality than Knoll.
After all, this is a 35 year old design. How long can a manufacturer expect to protect their designs before they are looked upon as a classic period piece?
These products were produced in the 60's with completely different materials and technology to make them. I say, give new manufacturers the ability to produce them.
John Kenyon

Posted by: | Apr 21, 2005 5:08:00 PM

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