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March 31, 2005

Sottsass and Poltronova

Superbox_1For Ettore Sottsass designing products that are well ahead of the curve, sometimes by decades, has been a lifelong practice. Design lovers the world over are flabbergasted by the breadth, ingenuity and endlessnes of Sottsass's work. Even the man himself seems surprised at his own success. In an interview with Francesca Balena Arista from Italian design giant Poltronova, Sottsass remarked "I mean, you say to yourself “What do I do now? I’ve done everything." For him, though, it seems just a momentary question, because he keeps inventing and with such a fresh urban aesthetic that even his old designs are new again.

In 1968, Sottsass created the Superbox, a linear stack of plastic laminate boxes in bright primary "road sign and gas pump" colors. They're sculptural storage with a robotic quality that makes some of the pieces look like they just walked into the room. The design was never realized, until now. Poltronova has introduced the Sottsass Superbox in a limited series. Sottsass cachet ensures they'll go fast and our guess is, they'll appreciate for many times the number of decades since they were first conceived.

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