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April 18, 2005

High Point No-Shows

The timing couldn't have been worse. With Las Vegas looking to subvert High Point as the American furniture fete, could it be that the Milan Furniture fair is what struck the fatal blow? The Italian fair ran concurrently with the IHFC offering and the European contemporary manufacturers voted to stay abroad. Many of the showrooms at 220 Elm were depleted of staff and product. Some companies didn't even bother to send a secretary from the old world to the High Point show.

It's fair to say that for contemporary and modern manufacturers, the European market is a far more lucrative one than the US one. So while no slight was likely intended, the upshod for the dealers, the designers and the press was -- the trip to High Point was in vain. Viva Las Vegas?

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I work furniture market every year. During this time I am able to talk with many of the participants. While Las Vegas may sound appealing to the salesmen who go to market all of the actual "marketeers" just don't want anymore stress. If you ever go out there while they are setting up, AKA before the drinks are served, everyone is a nervous wreck. I have heard over and over that Vegas is just too much. Yes High Point has it's problems but at least you CAN get a good nights sleep.

Posted by: Valley | Jun 26, 2005 9:36:17 PM

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