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April 28, 2005

Offi Dominates Modern & Contemporary Children's Furniture

OffiSince the company's inception in 1997, Offi's pared down, functional, modern, even minimalist pieces have created maximum hype among designers and consumers. It's been so well recieved that Offi has pushed its high-end designs outside the secluded world of architects and the design obsessesd and into the egalitarian online marketplace of But what makes these designs so appealing to such a wide segement--common-sense usage, lack of unnecessary adormant, fresh colors––are the same things that make Offi the perfect company to reign in serving contemporary design's most underserved audience, children.

Offi's genius for kid friendly contemporary is no doubt borne of collaboration with the right people. Offi's scored big by working with, among others, TRUCK Product Architecture's Jennifer Gardner, a mother of one with one on the way; Roberto Gil of the Bebe Line; Scott Klinker, who earned Offi a designation in Fortune Magazine's "25 Best Products of the Year" with his Spaceframe Sculpture Kit; and Eric Pfeiffer who served as Design VP for the company for a few years and created some of its most enduring products.

Offi stars include the Woody Chalkboard Table, a pint-sized bentply design with a round chalkboard top and handy center bowl for storing chalk and erasers; the Tiki Stool, available in bright beach ready hues; the Built-By-Me and ConnectMe collections, easy to assemble pieces that the kiddies can take some personal pride in; and of course, the Spaceframe Sculpture Kit, building blocks for a whole new world.

But Offi isn't content to slow down on its children’s line just yet and it's recently launched some of its most forward leaning products to date. Our favorites are the Roll Top Chair and Roll Top Bench. These space saving, toy-storing seats keep clutter at bay and boast a whimsical, snake-like design. Kids tug the bright red tongue to hide their goodies and can sit right over them, on the seat’s antique desk-like roll top. Creative, fun and an aid in keeping toys picked up, both Roll Top versions, bench and chair, seem like the type of furniture kids and their parents will become attached to.

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