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June 20, 2005

Relax at Home, Four Tips from Moen

It's no secret that the major trend in bathrooms is spa-like relaxation. Bath company Moen, (and they're obviously biased here, but they make some good points), offers four tips for creating the spa-inspired bathroom getaway everyone craves. The first, spa tubs--with whirlpool jets for vigorous massage or with air bubbles that allow for all kinds of great liquid soaps and essential oils. Next, custom showers, think massaging showerheads and rain dome heads affixed to the ceiling for an all over downpour. And remember to add heat, in towel warmers, under the floors, and in some baths, like those made by Bain Ultra, heated tubs. Last but not least, mood. Moen advises using soothing colors, fresh flowers, or candles to help set the mood of relaxation and comfort. And doing what makes you comfortable is always good design advice.

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