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July 13, 2005

Gather 'round the fire

Eva_solo_grill_1Modern folks no longer have to sacrifice their patios and backyards to the massively macho grilling machines. The small, sleek and versatile Stainless Steel BBQ from Eva Solo is 19.3" diameter and 27" high.

With accessories including a dome, tailored fabric lid and legs to convert the lid into a useful serving table, the round hot-bed easily converts into a fire pit for late night activities and smores.

When Larry Keeley, IDSA President, called the outdoor creation "simple, elegant, and gracious,' he couldn't have been more right - Solo will be bestowed with the Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award for the Barrel Grill in August.

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Does this manufacturer have a website showing different models and where this can be purchased?
John Kenyon

Posted by: | Jul 23, 2005 5:08:39 PM

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