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July 28, 2005

Modern Curtain Tie Backs

Curtaintiebacks_2Curtains have long been the dreaded element for a contemporary room. Sometimes they just feel so well, traditional. But they offer privacy and softness and, in today's market of millions of choices, it's become much easier to find a style that fits your style.

But once you do, how to tie them back and let the sunlight in? Those shiny ropes are a thing of the past, and some other more modern options like metal tiebacks have come to take their place, but the world of tiebacks has been largely barren and uninspiring territory. That is until Remy Lemoine invigorated it with Murano glass, plexi-glass, mirrors, straw, raffia, wicker, wood, leather, brass, tin, bronze, and iron, shiny or oxidized.

His tiebacks stand on their own as works of art. The Horn shaped version he calls Hold Backs are made of Murano glass and hand-blown in Italy. A masterful blending of colour and transparency, heightened by silver and gold in-lay, make them unique. Then there's “Luciole,” a handmade tieback made from Murano and optical fibers that let light run through and illuminate the glass.

Remy calls the French and Italian craftsmen who bring his designs to life the partners of his creations. The pieces are customizable and available from his website––in French, but he speaks English fluently and responds promptly to serious inquiries.

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I agree! Tie-backs are an exelent way to add more flare and uniquness to your room! Each piece should compliment the curtain itself, along with the entire idea behind the design of the room. I personally like any costumized metal tie-backs!

Alison Horvath
National Sales
Advance Furtniture

Posted by: Alison Horvath | Jul 29, 2005 12:58:40 PM

Thanks for posting. Alison is spot on, the piece should compliment the curtain. I like the bronze personally

Posted by: James | Oct 3, 2012 2:21:10 PM

The modern curtains are smart and stylish know all about it

Posted by: Wallcoverings | Oct 22, 2012 7:36:44 AM

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