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July 19, 2005

Paul Klee Art & Math Movement

Klee_center_sideThe new $86 million Paul Klee Center in Bern, Switzerland that opened in July will be admired for Renzo Piano's skill in allowing the landscape and surroundings to dictate the form of the building. In the land of the Alps, it was fitting that this new cultural center, designed as an homage to Klee, would be rolling bands of stainless and glass, whose roofs taper into hilly grasses.

KleeAnd experts will note that the work of poet and artist Klee was centered on capturing the beauty of being -- how a butterfly unfolds, how a bud opens. In his lectures and his diaries, Klee was concerned not with just form and design, but with ways to study and to interact with nature. To a teacher of young art students he offered this advice: "When they are ready to move on to higher things, guide your pupils towards nature--into nature." The glass promenades that connect the spheres will encourage many a nature walk -- regardless of weather.

The poetry, the water colors, the expressionism aside, this Swiss son (with German nationality due to finicky patrilineal laws), who was a student of music and nature, was also enraptured with movement. In his diaries he wrote of the spiral, "It is the direction that decides whether we are being released from the center in a movement that is ever freer or whether we are becoming more and more attached to a center that will ultimately destroy us: the question means nothing less than life and death."

So perhaps it is most fitting that this arts learning center, Klee_wavesdesigned to
inspire a love for music, poetry, painting and nature, and which rests yards from where Klee finally rests, is also a mathematical marvel. One could imagine Klee who loved the meandering line to appreciate the symmetry and creativity of the parabolic curve -- which is really the art of drawing curves -- from lines! "Three different parabolic curves, each unique in height and length  (for the three hills) and two different curves for each valley, are situated so that there are no kinks in the connection points between the curves," explained Volker Schmid, Phd. and project manager for Arup, the firm who handled all the structural engineering and design.

Ironically, or not so, sounds of music, nature and even Klee's inner voice seem to resonate and amplify through these parabolic chambers.

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This design is absolutely amazing.
Does anyone know who funds projects like this and why
we dont see this in the USA?

Posted by: | Jul 23, 2005 4:59:39 PM

This exibit is amazing. I've never seen such large and unique work. The way he brings together all the elements of design really shows the beauty of his work. His creativity in using parabolic curve in his artwork is fabulous. I would love to visit this exibit!

Alison Horvath
National Sales
Advance Furniture

Posted by: Alison Horvath | Jul 29, 2005 1:34:10 PM

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Clovis Simard

Posted by: clovis simard | Jan 14, 2011 4:03:23 PM

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