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August 24, 2005

FedEx Furniture Frenzy

FedexWhen Palliser launched its Cinema Seating in a Box program (pieces shipped complete in one box) it had no idea what the possibilities of furniture in a box were. Jose Vila, strapped for cash but with access to hundreds of FedEx boxes, took the furniture in a box idea to new levels. He used the boxes to build a bed, desk, shelves, table and chairs––and FedEx is furious.

These pieces are useful, sturdy, and environmentally responsible. But, Vila says, they do have their drawbacks. One he points out––it's not great for impressing dates. FedEx furniture could impress future FedEx customers, though––if these boxes are strong enough to sleep on, they're probably great for shipping, too!

Our friends at Apartment Therapy have a great string with many insightful comments. Add your two cents!

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