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September 27, 2005

Edwardian Dress, Nimbyism & A New Gehry Row

Earlier this week, we wrote about Canadian Frank Gehry's new seaside schema for diminutive Brighton & Hove England. Canadian Frank Gehry's drawings were said to be inspired by the billows of Edwardian skirts. But Edwardian dress Schmardian dress, editorializes London's Guardian which likens the looming towers to "rumpled balls of paper laid on top of each other, clad in a faintly sick sheath echoing the collapsing World Trade Centre." (We told you there was controversy.) Not to be outdone by Fox for fair and balanced reporting, the newspaper made space for a retort by Piers Gough, architectural advisor to the Brighton & Hove project. Gough accuses dissenters of wanting to only appreciate Gehry from afar, and that these Nimbys don't understand that the height of the towers is proportional to the long avenues they oversee. Besides, he adds, the apartments provide affordable housing.

Congratulations Mr. Gehry. Me thinks we have quite a row going.

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