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October 28, 2005

Find Bright Modern Furniture


The best way to liven up a bland room is with color. And while you’ll hear again and again that an easy way to bring in color is with simple accessories like pillows and vases, this is a fix that people can recognize, and it looks like what it is: timid. If you really like bright or saturated colors, just go for it, especially if you're considering a leather or microfiber piece.

Many furniture manufacturer showrooms show new designs in bright colors like red, yellow, vivid blues, even orange. It draws people in and they remember the lines and shapes of what they’ll end up referring to as the lime green couch or the canary yellow couch. They will forget the name, whether it’s a clever Hollywood icon or just a skew of numbers, long before they’ll forget the color that called them through the door. And use of color works just as well for making a statement in a home as it does in a showroom.

Hjellegjerde, Lind, and W.Schilling all have vivid, saturated leathers to choose from, but if you’re not quite ready for introducing a big piece of furniture, and the pillow idea still seems good, try DellaRobbia. Their pillows incorporate leather in stripes, squares, flowers, twists, curves and op-art shapes, along with any color imaginable. These comfy puffs work alone as unique pieces that would stand out in any room- bright or bland.

But if you’re thinking about taking a larger step into a more colorful world, try DellaRobbia’s fun and funky cubes. Shown here nested under a glass top table, these bright squares provide a punch of color and extra seating, without taking up too much room or making a statement bigger than you’re ready for.

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