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October 17, 2005

High Point Goes to Market

It is time once again for High Point, NC to burst at its seams with buyers, sellers and designers from around the world -- surrounded by the latest and greatest from leading contemporary manufacturers.

From October 20-26, the International Home Furnishings Center will host more than 2,200 exhibitors and over 75,000 industry professionals, all vying for first glance at the new products and concepts unveiled.

Check out all the NEW PRODUCTS!

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October 11, 2005

Op Art is Back, on DVD


A plasma TV looks great when it's on, but when it's off, it's just a plain grey rectangle hanging on a wall.

DetourDVD looks at a plain gray plasma screen as an opportunity for creating art that changes with your mood. Their visual DVDs play randomly or according to your control, to add color and attitude to a space that needs it. Available in Op Art, black and white designs that swirl and twist to steal your attention; Modular Moves, perfect for a mid-century modern look; and Wallflowers, a collection of bright, modern designs that end up taking center stage, DetourDVD also creates custom pieces.

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October 10, 2005

Fashionable Fall Paint Colors

We know it’s hard to choose paint colors, so take the easy route by thinking about what colors you respond most to. Notice the colors of nature and think about which hues you love. Go through your closet and see what colors you normally wear. Simple looks into fashion and out the window will reveal colorful trends that look as good on trees and on people as they do on walls.

Fall colors inspire us to take morning strolls and long country drives, outside activities that point the way to what we should do inside. Paint. Fall is the perfect time to introduce new, warm, rich, seasonal colors to your walls. They’re natural hues you’ll really appreciate once winter hits and you start spending more time indoors.

Debbie Zimmer, color expert from Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute, sums up the approach, and the timing, “As cooler weather arrives, through the simple use of paint, homeowners can warm up their living space with fall's most popular and high impact hues.”

Here’s a look at the colors Zimmer suggests to give fall zest to drab walls.

From taupe to deep chocolate, browns are a terrific choice to cozy up a space. Brown not only provides richness to a room, but is a perfect contemporary backdrop when mixed with aqua blue or purple. For another dramatic room treatment, try brown on a ceiling, mixed with neutral side walls. When choosing brown, think hot chocolate, rich coffee beans or a favorite tweed jacket.

Purple has long been considered a fickle color; in one season and out the next. Today’s purple palette is regal and can provide drama within a living space. Not quite ready for an entire purple room? Use purple on one wall or within a niche area for high impact color and excitement. Combine purple with earthy green for a harmonious blend with the outside environment.

Orange continues to grow in popularity and has changed its personality over time. No longer bright and playful, this season’s orange is more organic in tone and depth. Pumpkin and ginger hues offer a solid setting when teamed with metallics, and black accents or trim.

No season is complete without brilliant reds! Cranberry, crimson and claret are wonderful festive hues that provide punch to dining rooms, kitchens and foyers. Coupled with gold or mustard, this harmonious combination provides excitement and flair for fall and holidays.

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October 06, 2005

Sneak Peek at Menlo Park Addition!

We got a sneak peek of a sketch of Rick Menlo_park_chaise_3d_sketch_1Lee's latest addition in his Menlo Park series for American Leather. The sleek chaise features a delicate arching back on a curvy and generous lounger. Reminds us of a musical note. As part of its designer wooing program, American Leather is giving away a chaise signed by Rick Lee at the October High Point. To enter, be a designer, show up at the showroom -- and be lucky!

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Good things come in small packages

Everything but the kitchen sink? Not anymore. 

Franke_sink_2Today's kitchen are going modern - with new technology, design and materials. If you lack the spacious  kitchen made for the hot farm sink, the Beach BBX-160 from Franke has just solved all of your cramped kitchen needs -- without sacrificing your style.

Measuring less than 24 inches wide, this stainless sink is under-mounted to easily transform from sink to food prep station. Featured on HGTV's Kitchen Trends, the attached bowl doubles as a colander while hiding the garbage disposal located underneath. Slide the grid drainer on top to air dry dishes, or insert the cutting board to save space.

Form truly follows function in this small package. 

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Cigar & Wine Storage Sytem

Marvel_humidrawer Marvel Industries introduced a combo wine and cigar storage system for undercounter display. The Humidrawer holds up to 200 cigars in a customized compartment with four adjustable dividers. The drawer itself is lined with untreated aromatic Spanish cedar, the preferred wood for humidifying and aging cigars.

The 50- and 100-bottle Wine Cellars feature precise temperature and humidity controls to ensure proper wine storage. Both models have Marvel’s signature ebony interior lining and interior lighting for attractive display options, full auto defrost and dual-pane, tinted, UV resistant glass doors that protect contents from damaging UV rays.

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October 05, 2005

Blogging for Publicists

Recently I wrote an article for PRSA's Target on how publicists and marketing managers can benefit from blogging. Here is the article in its entirety. -- Diane

Three blogging corollaries that you need to know

By Diane P. Burley Diane_burley_headshot_1

A recent Alarm:Clock article argued that firms, particularly startups, abandon outside PR agencies and opt instead to groom talent in-house. The author contended that outside agencies aren’t particularly astute at picking up new communication tools such as blogging and podcasting and therefore aren’t worth their retainers.

Don’t gnash and gnarl over the thin premise of inside or outside PR counsel — that’s merely a red herring. The overall thrust should be a point well-taken: Blogging literacy is as important today as learning how to put a release on the wire service. In fact, blogging may finally be the Holy Grail for more billable and quantifiable hours.

The sound of the word blog may be foreboding, but the etymology is actually “log,” which most of us can handle. We log thoughts and hours. In the case of your clients, they prefer to see the results of the former — understanding that the latter will follow. A weblog is the full form of the word — with blog as the diminutive. For early adopters, blogs were a channel for dispensing one’s thoughts. However, I prefer to think of blogs as mechanisms for people to converse about a subject.

Download PR_Tactics_Blogging.pdf

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Heat Wave


Sorry, but winter's coming and we've got heat on the brain. We can't resist showing you one more radiator. This one from one of the Netherlands' most promising design talents, Joris Laarman. His graduation piece, the "Heatwave" concrete radiator, has become part of the Droog collection and is exhibited world wide, maybe soon in your home.

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October 04, 2005

Hot Modern Radiators Heat Up the Home


Truly, is anything uglier than a radiator? So we were thrilled when we saw Scirocco's gorgeous heating units, which have taken the mundane function of heating and transformed it to sculpture. Scirocco, which has been making "elegant" heating systems since 1990, has upped the ante with the addition of designs by Franco Rapisarda and Bruna Luccarelli.

SaharaSciroccoh perfected the technique of hiding the hydraulics in the welded steel interior -- and combining it with a non-welded application of chrome, chrome-nickel or even chrome-gold, that can be painted. The medium is perfect for Rapisarda and Luccarelli who have come up with a series of radiators and towel warmers that are, well, hot! 

Above "Square" and to the right, "Sahara."

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October 03, 2005

Fu-Tung Cheng on Kitchen Planning

In her just released anthology "The Experts Guide to Life at Home," Samantha Ettus has spanned the globe to bring us advice from the cognoscenti de casas on everything from "How to Make a Birthday Cake" (Colette Peters of Tiffany Windows and White House Christmas decorating fame) to "How to Light a Room" (Debbie Travis, author, syndicated columnist and tv personality). To guide us on how to renovate a kitchen, Ettus turned to author, designer & master of all things concrete, Fu-Tung Cheng.

First, he says, poor yourself a glass of wine -- and determine what you can bear to spend -- and then double it (the budget, not the wine) and add 20%. Next, plan. And by planning, he advises that it's not enough to enivision where the appliances should be -- you need to envision where you want the guests to be. Do you want them near as you slave and chop -- or do you want them as far away as possible? This little exercise will help you decide how high the walls -- how wide the dividing counter.

Fu values craftsmanship and materials, which he finds is as important as form and function. "Avoid cookie cutter designs of relentless wood box-style base cabinets topped with thin countertops and an array of wall cabinets," he says. "Do it right," adds Fu. You'll probably recoup it all if you sell. But more importantly, you'll get to really enjoy your kitchen.

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