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January 13, 2006

Get Good Luck on Friday the 13th

Luck: the chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; fortune.

A chance happening is one that can't be forecasted, but then why are an estimated 8% of Americans scared to venture out of their homes on Friday the 13th? Seems odd that a chance happening becomes more likely on a specific calendar day, but, as they say, stranger things have happened. A 1993 study comparing accidents on Friday the 6th to Friday the 13th found that, though fewer people drove their cars on the 13th, there were more accidents. So maybe it's not so bad to stick around the old homestead today.

Xhe05s031b_1192_sm05_051012201717_pip_heIt's a great time to reorganize, clean up, get rid of clutter or rearrange some furniture in a room that's never been quite right. Changes like this are easy, fun, and sometimes yield dramatic results. Just picking up a few things or throwing out a pile of junk mail can make a big difference in your visual space. At the very least, it's one less thing you might trip over.

If you're thinking of getting organized today, here are some suggestions for a Bs_tetris_1_1shopping list that will help you stay organized even without good luck.

Get it off the kitchen counter: Stainless steel rods mount to kitchen walls and hold everything from spices, to utensils, to paper towels. Available (on sale!) through

Home office: Oh the hated clutter of the home office. Even stacks of bills and junk mail would look better on the gorgeous "tetris mini" shelf by 109439Vivavi, an environmentally conscious purveyor of modern home goods.

Do the laundry: It must get done if that room's ever going to look good, but you can put it off a few more days with the right hamper. Try the large stainless steel version from Stacks and Stacks. It's expensive at over $200, but they have several similar, and much less expensive options as well.

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