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January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolutions - With a Contemporary Twist

The reset button has been pushed, and the year is freshly ahead of us. In addition to the bodies we wish to tone, the silly and often self-destructive obsessions we wish to give up, the happy moments we wish to multiply and the plethora of to-do lists we wish to plow through, here are a few more resolutions to strive for:

  • Embrace color. The tangy Lemon Drop Bean I put in my office keeps me picked up when the caffeine ebbs.
  • Find joy in the simple things. Two new amber pendants in my kitchen warm the room when the oven is off.
  • Disengage from Disorganization. Jewel-colored leather magazine holders, organize (and disguise) all those important pieces of parchment I can't part from.
  • Empty a closet. Make room for new pleasures by eliminating the old -- or just leave it empty -- just in case.
  • Collect a piece of art -- because you love it -- bonus points if you make the artists your friends. My pieces from Linda and Angela are my most coveted.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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