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January 03, 2006

Blast from the past

At Pure Contemporary we like to assist readers in identifying those hard-to-find pieces.

Cart_black_2I am seeking a particular item that seemed to be everywhere in the 1980's and has suddenly disappeared. It is a square plastic rolling cart, with shelves on the bottom and a couple of pivoting trays/drawers above that. It was definitely available in white or black and I vaguely remember seeing some other colors. It seemed to be in every artist's studio at one point, and has suddenly vanished. Does anyone know the manufacturer and/or a resource for this item?

I know exactly the cart! ALVIN CO is the manufacturer and it's the Rover Mobile Taboret. You can buy directly from Alvin or virtually any good art supply store like Dick Blick, Pearl Paint and The cart is made of a heavy duty plastic with three pivoting trays. Alvin's Taboret can hold a ton of weight (actually a whopping 500 pounds -- which is only 1/4 of a ton). Be careful if you buy a cheap imitation -- because the trays can crack, the cart can tip, and the cart won't roll if the shelves start to crush the casters.

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