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January 19, 2006

The Double Bubble


Fun and whimsical, the Double Bubble lamp from Eero Aarnio was intially created from blown glass. Now cast in plastic to ensure durability and uniform light, these lamps are available in 3 sizes - 37cm, 54cm and 130cm.

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January 17, 2006

Felt Up!


Felted fabrics are warm, familiar, even cozy, words not often associated with modern design. But when modern minimal styles come to life in these old school upholsteries, comfort and style meet.

Witness the Series XYZ by Canadian manufacturer William, a division of Granite William Inc. Chair and sofa versions of XYZ lack arms but boost comfort with ample size and built in bolster pillows. At last, a perfect response to the view that modern is cold.

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January 13, 2006

Get Good Luck on Friday the 13th

Luck: the chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; fortune.

A chance happening is one that can't be forecasted, but then why are an estimated 8% of Americans scared to venture out of their homes on Friday the 13th? Seems odd that a chance happening becomes more likely on a specific calendar day, but, as they say, stranger things have happened. A 1993 study comparing accidents on Friday the 6th to Friday the 13th found that, though fewer people drove their cars on the 13th, there were more accidents. So maybe it's not so bad to stick around the old homestead today.

Xhe05s031b_1192_sm05_051012201717_pip_heIt's a great time to reorganize, clean up, get rid of clutter or rearrange some furniture in a room that's never been quite right. Changes like this are easy, fun, and sometimes yield dramatic results. Just picking up a few things or throwing out a pile of junk mail can make a big difference in your visual space. At the very least, it's one less thing you might trip over.

If you're thinking of getting organized today, here are some suggestions for a Bs_tetris_1_1shopping list that will help you stay organized even without good luck.

Get it off the kitchen counter: Stainless steel rods mount to kitchen walls and hold everything from spices, to utensils, to paper towels. Available (on sale!) through

Home office: Oh the hated clutter of the home office. Even stacks of bills and junk mail would look better on the gorgeous "tetris mini" shelf by 109439Vivavi, an environmentally conscious purveyor of modern home goods.

Do the laundry: It must get done if that room's ever going to look good, but you can put it off a few more days with the right hamper. Try the large stainless steel version from Stacks and Stacks. It's expensive at over $200, but they have several similar, and much less expensive options as well.

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January 12, 2006

Let it Rain

I've got Spring fever and since my favorite season is still a few months off, I've been looking at products that say let it rain, here comes Spring.

So far I like the Rain line of lighting from Von Jakubowski and Krause. A series of ceiling fixtures and sconces, Rain's droplets are of shining crystal prisms, colored or clear. Anthologie_rain_lighting

Bohuslav Horak grows Spring-like flowers on the walls with his handmade floral sconces. They're simple and warm, and I swear I can smell them. Anthologie_quartett_lighting

But back to the rain, I love the RainSky E from Dornbracht. Like showering in a glorious storm the RainSky E delivers three modes of water flow synchronized with soothing colored lights. Unfortunately, the RainSky E doesn't conform to North American plumbing rules, so us Americans and Canadians have to settle, for now, on the company's BigRain and JustRain models. They're both refreshing designs, but without RainSky's pressure options and lights. Maybe by the time Spring comes, we can have it all in North America too.Md3993d

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January 10, 2006

le exquisite

Le_corbusier_cowhide_chair_2The work of Le Corbusier [born Charles Edouard Jeanneret] - one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, renowned for his provocative ideas and revolutionary designs – is now available on DWR.

His famed LC Collection, co-designed with cousin Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, featuring the iconic tubular steel design, is numbere d and offered as part of Cassina’s Master Collection.

Cassina SpA, the Italian manufacturer and distributor of modern classics and contemporary furniture, was a perfect fit for Le Corbusier’s combination of Greek architecture and the modern  movement.

Le_corbusier_recliner_1"Cassina is arguably one of the most influential forces in modern design, with a reputation for bringing new designers and designs that dates back to the 1920s," said Rob Forbes, Founder of Design Within Reach. "Their collection of Le Corbusier products sets the international standard."

Find products from Le Corbusier and Cassina for your home.

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January 09, 2006

From your Valentine

According to legend, while imprisoned and awaiting death for continuing to perform marriages between young lovers, Saint Valentine sent the first 'valentine' greeting to the object of his affection. Marking it 'From your Valentine,' an expression and holiday was born -- and every February 14th (said to be the anniversary of Valentine's demise) we open our wallets and hearts to Sweetheart_bowl_nambecelebrate our love.

But from where did the tired tradition of flowers, stuffed bears and chocolate in cardboard heart-shaped boxes originate? This Valentine's say it with something new, and modernize your love.

Nambe offers a cost-friendly alternative to the red heart with a line of love inspired bowls, platters and vases ranging in price from $48 - $325. [pictured: Heart Bowl]

Salt_pepper_3Looking for something less obvious -- for under $60 you can show your affection with the quirky Twist & Shout salt and pepper shakers from Michael Lambert .

If you crave the warmth and romanticism of the red rose, may we suggest the Rose Chair by Masanori Umeda --bigger, better and longer lasting then the fare from a florist. Rose_chair_3

Continue shopping for Valentine's Day gifts .

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Affordable Modern Furniture


Modern minded folks with an appreciation for Mid-Century design that runs deeper than their pockets will find inexpensive style from just launched manufacturer furni.

Mike Giles and Devin Barrette started Montreal based furni in response to "superstores with palettes stocked head high." Their limited run, hand-crafted furnishings cost between $24 and $69 and are available for purchase on their website.

Our favorites include the barbee record shelf and the hensley, lee and vallely bathroom accessories.

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January 08, 2006

Furniture of a Better Glass


By Caroline Barry

For a minimalist material, glass works for maximum applications. Designers and architects choose seemingly simple glass because it transmits light in any color, makes aqueous shapes solid and lends itself to almost any creation be it wall, floor or tabletop.

The magic of glass has been admired since its discovery in about 5,000 BC and has lived on in everything from children’s tales like Cinderella to the imaginations of architecture’s giants like Philip Johnson, who used the stuff to create his masterpiece Glass House in New Canaan, CT. But the grandiose history and ingenious applications of glass do not stunt the imaginations of newcomers to the material. Rather it inspires them to test glass for what has not yet been done, resulting in pieces as exciting and innovative as the first hand-blown vessels of 27 BC. Naked_chair_1

And as long as glass is beautiful, it is copied. Just as in upholstered furniture, unique glass designs from reputable companies see competition from lesser quality manufacturers who charge less for what, on the surface, may seem to be the same product.

Luckily though, glass furniture buyers have several ways to tell the difference between a shoddy surface and a strong sheet that’s worth the extra cash. Emily Stevenson, a former materials curator at the Parsons School of Design, says glass quality shows in its thickness, surface details and design. 

Continue reading Furniture of a Better Class

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January 06, 2006

Fido's New Friend

Petcenter_1The toys, treats, bags of food and cleaning agents -- when you bring a pet into your home their essentials invade your space.

With over 69 million American homes owning one or more pets, ALNO has created the PetCenter - a unique cabinet system designed to contain all your household pet needs. With compartments and shelving for both canned and dry food, and the hide-away food and water bowels that neatly slide away beneath the cabinet, clutter is kept out of sight.

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Kitchen Must Haves

Web_pictlarge_455910_1Unbreakable glasses, ceramic knives and Kevlar aprons are the wave of the kitchen of the future according to materials expert and former Parsons School of Design Materials Curator, Emily Stevenson. (Stevenson talked to us about buying glass furniture too).

She likes the thick double walled borosilicate glass drinking glasses by Bodum. They’re attractive, act as a thermos and can really take a beating.

The knives she chooses are CeraStar ceramic kitchen knives that hold on to their perfect edges after years of use and, she says, last forever. B00009r52h03mzzzzzzz_1

And for the chef who really gets into cooking, a Kevlar apron sports “an alluring chrome-like shine” and resists heat up to 600 degrees.

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