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February 09, 2006


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The FLOR Spring Catalog arrived at PURE CONTEMPORARY this week and we think they're really on to something. Sure, we already knew we liked the idea of a modular rug. It means endless design possibilities and, our favorite, customization. These along with the ability to pick up a dirty tile and wash it in the sink, or replace it altogether. We gushed over such things after interviewing the company's creative director, Laura Guido-Clark in December, but now FLOR has impressed us with something else.

They've established ingenious relationships with other retailers, manufacturers and businesses. It's the kind of "scratch my back" retailing we don't see nearly enough of in the furniture world. Products featured alongside rugs in the FLOR catalog are listed on each page with contact info for the retailer. The catalog is chock full of design standouts like lighting from Flos, Herman Miller seating, Nicole Farhi pillows. There's stuff from DWR, Cassina, Cappellini, Fritz Hansen, Klein Reid, even Target.

It's about time someone made scouting great pieces easy for shoppers. And of course, it's a nice way for FLOR to make friends in the industry.

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I've been looking at this for clients interested in new, easy, cheap ways to cover problem floors. Many of them like the environmental responsability of FLOR. One of their styles is made with processed Corn. It doesn't get much more organic than that.

Posted by: scott | Feb 10, 2006 9:34:24 AM

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