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February 05, 2006

MNG Knobs Pull You In


Melissa Nathan spent years as a jewelry designer before she settled on creating jewelry for cabinetry. If it seems odd to go from designing body-ware to hardware, Nathan would agree. But as president and chief designer for MNG Hardware, Nathan is drawn to the longevity of hardware. "Hardware has to match your lifestyle," she explained, "while jewelry matches your mood."

When pushed she admitted that designing jewelry is "definitely more exciting and creative, but designing hardware that can stand the test of time is a very satisfying task." Maybe. But 

Nathan's knobs and pulls look more like ear bobs and cuff links than they do "hardware." And that's no accident. She doesn't design any jewelry professionally right now, but many of MNG's designs were inspired from her past life as a jewelry artist. "It is funny, I always looked at architecture when I designed jewelry, and now I look back to my jewelry designs for the hardware."Mng_caviar_texture

Nathan offers several themed collections. My favorites are from the Color Collection with its enamel and silver or gold finishes -- although the Textured Collection is a close second. Retails range from $12 to $36 and each piece is triple plated, hand finished, and then covered in a non-tarnish coating. 


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