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February 11, 2006

Mid-Modern on Fox's 24

A PURE CONTEMPORARY reader asked us if President Charles Logan’s retreat on Fox’s hit show “24” was modeled after the mid-century modern designs of architect John Lautner.  “24” is one of our favorite shows, and we couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous wood trim on doors, windows and walls, along with Lautner’s trademark merging of vista and architecture.  George_nelson_cigar_lamps1So we called “24” set decorator Cloudia Rebar and asked her about the inspiration for this season’s set.

“Not Lautner specifically,” said Rebar. “It is a compilation of many of the elements of mid-century architecture.”  Don’t look for any deep meaning between the surroundings and Logan’s rather timid character. “Mid-century is very chic right now and a timeless design concept. This was meant to be a long-time family home.”

Continue reading about design on Fox’s hit show “24”

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February 10, 2006

Fire & Water


We usually think of water as being just the thing to put out a fire, not create it. But apparently, we're wrong. Fireplace company Heat & Glo turns water into fire with the gorgeous and environmentally amazing Aqueon fireplace.

The Aqueon looks like no other fireplace on earth because it's one of a kind, in form and function. It doesn't require any vents and the design allows for a 360 degree view of the sculptural piece, which is made from copper and stainless steel.

But the Aqueon is really groundbreaking for its nod to the future. It's the cleanest burning fireplace available, releasing only water vapor as a byproduct, a nice bonus for people battling winter’s dry heat. It runs on Hydrogen fuel, the world's most abundant element and one that can be completely pollution free and renewable.

Of course, a wave of the future product like this doesn't fall into everyone's price range at $49,000. But we're hoping this is one product that does inspire knockoffs.

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February 09, 2006


Modern_mixPressed_flowers Soft_chordLine_up

The FLOR Spring Catalog arrived at PURE CONTEMPORARY this week and we think they're really on to something. Sure, we already knew we liked the idea of a modular rug. It means endless design possibilities and, our favorite, customization. These along with the ability to pick up a dirty tile and wash it in the sink, or replace it altogether. We gushed over such things after interviewing the company's creative director, Laura Guido-Clark in December, but now FLOR has impressed us with something else.

They've established ingenious relationships with other retailers, manufacturers and businesses. It's the kind of "scratch my back" retailing we don't see nearly enough of in the furniture world. Products featured alongside rugs in the FLOR catalog are listed on each page with contact info for the retailer. The catalog is chock full of design standouts like lighting from Flos, Herman Miller seating, Nicole Farhi pillows. There's stuff from DWR, Cassina, Cappellini, Fritz Hansen, Klein Reid, even Target.

It's about time someone made scouting great pieces easy for shoppers. And of course, it's a nice way for FLOR to make friends in the industry.

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February 08, 2006

Outer Limits of Dining

Who says you have to pick a color when choosing upholstery? Michelle and Bryan S. of Plymouth, Minn., wanted no such constraint and put these Outer Limits dining chairs in six yummy flavors. The triangular and square cutouts are in contrasting fabrics.Outlimits_chairs1

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Small Heart, Big Style

Heart_chair_5If you plan on giving that 'someone special' a small heart for Valentine's Day, make it the Miniature heart-shaped Cone Chair.

Designed by Verner Panton in 1958, the miniature, comprised of a swivel seat, sheet steel and red cloth was first introduced in 1992. The design is a throw back to the bright aesthetics of Pop-Art furniture of the 1960s.

Measuring 4.3"W x 7.3"D x 6.7"H, this Mini Heart is better than any box of chocolate.

More from Vitra USA.

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Wallpaper*: Best '06 Dining Table


It's a good year for Istanbul...

Hailing from the unlikely design outpost of Istanbul, Derin Design has been building a name for itself in recent years with furniture that is stringently modern.

New to the collection is this modular table and chair set by Aziz Sariyer, called "Birth".

Dining_table_closedEight low chairs fit perfectly into eight individual compartments which, when combined, form a striking octagonal table that could only appear as a bold centrepiece to the most eccentric of dining situations.

Made from a laminate wood, lacquered in a crisp white finish, it isn't immediately obvious where the chairs end and the table begins. Look for the holes in the backs of the chairs and use them to pull the seats out of their compartments, leaving a table surface with a neat space underneath for your legs.

More from Wallpaper*

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February 07, 2006

Inspiration from Istanbul

Vitra_1Wallpaper Magazine has selected the Istanbul Collection designed by Ross Lovegrove for VitrA for its “Best Bathroom” design award. Wallpaper said that the collection was “the most ambitious bathroom range of the year”.

This year’s guest judges for the Wallpaper Design Awards were curator Iwona Balzwick, architect Norman Foster, industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, fashion designer Donna Karan, retail guru Murray Moss, and photographer Mario Testino.

While creating the Istanbul collection, Lovegrove immersed himself in Turkish ceramic culture and drew inspiration from ethnicity, architecture and custom. Ceramics were used as they can be molded while still allowing the unique organic forms that typify Lovegrove’s work.

Designed to provide fully coordinated interiors with maximum flexibility for the consumer, the Istanbul Collection offers more than 100 products, and is based on the concept of a seamless wet space, where individual elements are drawn out of the surfaces.

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February 06, 2006

To Reed or Not to Reed

Spirithouse_waterhyacinth_2Spirithouse_teakchair_1Pictured: Holloway and Retro Holloway.
At the Las Vegas Furniture Fair, SpiritHouse Imports offered seating in teak, upholstery & water hyacinth -- and without the reed.

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February 05, 2006

MNG Knobs Pull You In


Melissa Nathan spent years as a jewelry designer before she settled on creating jewelry for cabinetry. If it seems odd to go from designing body-ware to hardware, Nathan would agree. But as president and chief designer for MNG Hardware, Nathan is drawn to the longevity of hardware. "Hardware has to match your lifestyle," she explained, "while jewelry matches your mood."

When pushed she admitted that designing jewelry is "definitely more exciting and creative, but designing hardware that can stand the test of time is a very satisfying task." Maybe. But 

Nathan's knobs and pulls look more like ear bobs and cuff links than they do "hardware." And that's no accident. She doesn't design any jewelry professionally right now, but many of MNG's designs were inspired from her past life as a jewelry artist. "It is funny, I always looked at architecture when I designed jewelry, and now I look back to my jewelry designs for the hardware."Mng_caviar_texture

Nathan offers several themed collections. My favorites are from the Color Collection with its enamel and silver or gold finishes -- although the Textured Collection is a close second. Retails range from $12 to $36 and each piece is triple plated, hand finished, and then covered in a non-tarnish coating. 


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February 02, 2006

DayGlo Furniture

Glow_in_the_dark_chairs_1Eliminating the need for outdoor lighting, Denmark-based Engelbrechts has created a luminous version of their plasma chair.

Manufactured with injection-moulded, glass-reinforced nylon, supplemented with phosphorescent material, the chair recharges in daylight and glows in the dark.

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