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February 14, 2006

Porcher's Tetsu Spa

Porcher_wall_unit_4Porcher, the luxury brand for American Standard, unveiled "Tetsu" at the Luxury Kitchen & Bath show in Florida in December. Tetsu (Japanese for peace), with its pre-hung cabinetry is actually a designer-spa-in-a-box.

Tim Maicher, VP marketing and visionary for Tetsu, had sought to find a way to recreate the 

the spa experience at home. To that end, the first consideration was the materials.

Woods were essential of course and Machier opted for Mozambique, with its dark dramatic lines, and bamboo (about the hue of a natural maple), both woods are hearty, environmentally plentiful and resistant to mildew. To complement the woods, he wanted minimalist glass, bronze -- and hewn-edged stones that are finished with chislers' hands. "All very natural materials to keep the look warm and soothing," he explained.


Next came the modularity. Sinks are pre-mounted on panels -- or not, and outfitted with mirrors and shelving. The mirror can be exposed -- or behind doors -- in case you are in a no-mirror mood day. Just mix and match modules to fit the size and storage needs required.


It is always the details that separate the high end from the pack, and Porcher excels. Towel racks operate by touch -- to appear when you need them -- and retract when you don't. Bathroom furniture in impervious outdoor fabric allows relaxed seating with no sweat.

A nice little extra is the  wall-mounted candle box that is lined with curved stainless to add a literal warmth and glow to your zen-like setting that says, ah, Tetsu.

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I cannot find a way to purchase this extraordinary unit "tetsu spa" for my bathroom. I am lost. Perhaps you can let me know how to get it. It is exaclty what I have hoped to bring into my home and I was almost ready to have something like this made.

Instead ... here it is. Help.

Posted by: Jon Giswold | Jun 9, 2006 1:06:10 PM

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