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February 08, 2006

Wallpaper*: Best '06 Dining Table


It's a good year for Istanbul...

Hailing from the unlikely design outpost of Istanbul, Derin Design has been building a name for itself in recent years with furniture that is stringently modern.

New to the collection is this modular table and chair set by Aziz Sariyer, called "Birth".

Dining_table_closedEight low chairs fit perfectly into eight individual compartments which, when combined, form a striking octagonal table that could only appear as a bold centrepiece to the most eccentric of dining situations.

Made from a laminate wood, lacquered in a crisp white finish, it isn't immediately obvious where the chairs end and the table begins. Look for the holes in the backs of the chairs and use them to pull the seats out of their compartments, leaving a table surface with a neat space underneath for your legs.

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This is the best you've seen? Please. Let's leave aside the merits of an enormous white laminate object in your house. How about the simple tactile awfulness of sitting on sharp white laminate surfaces? The ergonomic wretchedness of a chair with a sharp front and a 90 degree angle to the seat back? The incredible discomfort of sitting with your feet in a narrow triangular space? This should win an award for worst solution to a nonexistent problem, not best dining table.


Posted by: Mort | Feb 23, 2006 9:05:34 AM

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