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February 20, 2006

Your Color Personality

It's nice to know what colors say to us, but more and more, we're considering what colors say about us.

Think about paint color trends. There was avocado and orange, black and white, the sage green of the early nineties and the recent surge of blue and brown. Whether you like them or not they come and go (some not nearly fast enough) to make way for the next wave.

Jbuisson2_1 But where do these trends come from? According to Josette Buisson, Artistic Director for Pittsburgh Paints, people are internalizing their reactions to world events and expressing them with color.

Buisson has studied the range of reactions to world events and has created a Color Trend report that reflects what we see and how we react to it in terms of choosing colors for our homes.

She calls the current trend The Light Years saying the name represents the color White, a common color in the four unique color trends she’s spotted. The Light Years trend are Prana, Strategy, Modern Artisan and Color Delight.

Tren_pran_03_mPRANA––A reaction to violence and the accelerated pace of life. Prana is found in peaceful objects and represents a desire to slow down life and enjoy beauty. The colors of Prana are soft aquas, light purple and pink shades.

Tren_stra_01_mSTRATEGY––focused on function and simplicity. Strategy is influenced by technology and the industrialized world. Think red, black and gray, sleek, strong colors.

Tren_mode_01_mMODERN ARTISAN––represents a movement toward conscious living. The Modern Artisan trend is found in an appreciation and respect for all things, like seeking out green products or making ethical choices. The true colors of the earth are expressed in Modern Artisan with deep blues, greens, warm browns, and oranges.

Tren_colo_01_mCOLOR DELIGHT––expresses a youthful, colorful look on life. This trend embraces the joy of discovery and feelings of optimism. Think bright pinks and greens, like the colors of candy and the lights of a carnival.

“The new trends for 2006 incorporate the many expressions of our changing society,” said Buisson. “Trends are about ideas, and can be translated into color opportunities.”

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