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April 26, 2006

Streih Morris, Arts & Crafts


One of our readers sent us the above picture of a mission style chair she recently had reupholstered. She wondered whether this was a true Morris recliner. Our reader hasn't been able to find any other chairs like hers or to get any additional information on it.

Based on this picture we found, we wonder if it's some type of Streih Morris recliner. What do you think?


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April 25, 2006

Glass Bathtubs -- for the Daring


I have been on the look out for glass bathtubs for the last six months. We found one by Hungary's Prisma Studio some time back -- but had trouble reaching the US distributor because of an outdated website. But that's been resolved. They are alive and well and based out of Georgia. Then, at the KBIS show, we spied Le Cob Bath (short for the famed architect Le Corbusier). No, it wasn't designed by him, rather by Joseph Licciardi for Omvivo, an Australian firm.

When we first saw the Prizma Studio bath, we loved the all glass tub, which is really a glass chaise inside a glass surround, and envisioned the tub on a pebbled floor, so one could skinny dip in a virtual stream. Le Cob, with its Corian "chaise" and glass surround, exudes a different feel. Water slips over the edge into a stainless overflow drain pan that can be filled with -- you guessed it -- pebbles. In this case, I might suggest colored glass.

While the tubs might be the ultimate in minimalism -- the price isn't. The Prizma Studio tub retails around $8000, while Le Cob is $22,000.

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TurboChef Ovens Make Airstreams Mainstream

Meet TurboChef. It's an oven that uses exclusive Airspeed Technology to cook food 15 times faster and lock in 20% more moisture as compared to conventional ovens.

"It's a pursuit of excellence and a pursuit of great things. Speed, quality and purity - all of these things are answered with the TurboChef oven."
- Charlie Trotter, Executive Chef
Trotter's, Chicago.

Say you're cooking Baked Tortellini. In a conventional oven it would take about 25 minutes, including prep and cook time. With TurboChef, the same recipe is cooked and ready to go in just 9 minutes.

See TurboChef at Turbo Chef makes fast food good food.

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April 24, 2006

Brighten Your Outdoors


New outdoor lighting from Kichler Landscape Lighting will bring your outdoor living to an entirely new level. Check out the Zen Garden! Or the path light in brushed nickle.Garden

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Modern Storage Units by Beoform


are simple modern storage units by Beoform that can be reconfigured at whim.

Thanks Destination Design!

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April 21, 2006

Brad Pitt Rebuilds New Orleans

Brad_pitt_new_orleans_design_contest_4Maybe it's his friendship with Frank Gehry, or his passion for architecure -- or maybe it's the impending birth of his first child with Angelina Jolie. Whatever the reason, Brad Pitt is working towards rebuilding a crippled New Orleans.

Pitt and environmental organization Global Green USA are sponsoring the Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans, a contest to find an Earth-friendly plan for housing and community centers in Hurricane Katrina ravaged neighborhoods.

“This competition asks the question, 'Can this catastrophe be turned into opportunity?' Can we create for these neighborhoods and their families something even better than they had before?"

Pitt, who will serve as chairman of the jury when the winner is selected in August, developed the contest with Global Green president Matt Petersen.

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April 20, 2006

Happy Birthday!

MiroToday Google celebrates the birthday of Spanish painter Joan Miró - creator of some of the most original surrealist paintings of the 20th century.Miro_large

Drawing from the realm of memory and imaginative fantasy, Miró cited the vibrant colors of the Fauves, cubism, Catalan folk art and Romanesque frescoes of Spain as his influences.

Miró died in Majorca, Spain, on December 25, 1983.

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More on Miró

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April 19, 2006

Storage by Horm

Karimrashid_relief_1What shape your storage needs? Karim Rashid goes vertical with "Relief", while Steven Holl Stevenholl_riddled_1likes it horizontal and plenty of wide open space with "Riddled." Both by one of Italy's best-kept secrets, Horm, which introduced these collections at Milan's i saloni 2006.

Thanks Charles & Marie

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April 18, 2006

Bend Chair

Hmmm. Interesting chair by Alexandre Berthiaume of Futil Design -- and even more interesting point by Malaysian Architectural student Calvin Ngan who ponders the inevitable scratches a chair like this would cause.

Thanks Mirage.Studio.7

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Metal Bar Stools

People always ask if contemporary furniture can mix with other styles. The short answer is of course it can! The owners of this houseboat wanted a rich and sophisticated bar -- and chose cherry cabinets with crown molding. They softened the traditional look with Johnston Casuals metal bar stools in a pewter finish and luscious leather seats.


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