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May 01, 2006

Colorful Walls

Pure Contemporary's Ask the Experts section receives nearly 100 questions each month on the subject of color alone. Clearly color is one of the most vexing dilemma in home decor -- and interestingly enough, people are looking for strangers to tell them what to do. Rather than tell, we like to show. Here are two more rooms with the same architectural elements, that create two totally different moods and focal points, just with a flick of a brush. Color_stripes_1

Sherman Williams (SH) red 6861 was put into the recesses of the display area above the fireplace, and dark grey (SW 7075) color blocks were placed on either side of the fireplace -- and below it. The surrounding walls were covered in SW 7073.

White_1The room to the left is painted a soft grey -- and a completely different mood is set. The room is less dramatic and yields several focal points -- the art, the vase, even the pillows on the sofa.

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