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May 25, 2006



The Dutchtub is about fun and physics, so it heats up a good time in a most unexpected way. Cold water, or even snow, goes into the tub and gets sucked through tubing heated by a wood fire. The hot water flows back into the tub and voila, you've got a party. It takes about two hours for all the water to be cycled through, but you can use that time to shell shrimp. The Dutchtub is designed for cooking over the fire while relaxing in the warm tub. And it's designed for maximum portability. Empty, it's light enough to be moved from place to place for an outdoor party anywhere. With a young, outdoorsy, party image and a hip and vibrant color palette, the Dutchtub is every bit the wish-list toy for weekend warrior urbanites. But even though this tub is sans fancy water jets or even electricity, its price tag is full force. Expect to pay about $5,700 plus delivery.

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