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June 01, 2006

Beds for All Lifestyles

Maximo2_katalog_m_kleinGerman maker RUF knows beds -- the ergonomics, the design and certainly, the functionality by personality type. A couple years ago, RUF put the video screen at the end of the bed for those who craved a home theater in the boudoir.

More quiet opulence types will love German designer Thomas Althaus' Maxim. Althaus has created a generous headboard and low-profile platform (with or without the side extension) and stretches luxurious Ostrich leather across them. This exotic hide is known for its accentuated quill dimples, suppleness and strength. He added a metal side table which hinges into the furniture.


For the more youthful market, RUF offers Corner. The corners raise to 90 degrees to convert from bed to sofa to bed again. The leather-like cover adds to the versatility.

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