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June 16, 2006

Screened In

Knoll Showroom, Mexico City, Mexico, 1961.

As mid-century modern style continues its run as the "it" style in retro modern decor, Austrian designer Erwin Hauer capitalizes on the success of his 1960's work for the one and only Florence Knoll for Knoll and relaunches his efforts with Erwin Hauer Studios.

At the time, Hauer developed the Continua series, a group of perforated wall screens that let light through in the most interesting manner. Often layered, rather than being a single flat wall with holes in it, Hauer's screens, whether backlit or front lit, allowed the most possible amount of light to shine through and be diffused.

This year, Hauer formed Erwin Hauer Studio, EHS, with three like-minded artists. They've since been regenerating his old designs and using advanced technology to add new ones. They're currently working on a 25' high, indoor/outdoor, limestone bas-relief wall (Design 306) for a new residential high-rise within Manhattan's Rockefeller Center.
EHS created this screen for a Knoll Inc. showroom this year.

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