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June 29, 2006

The Mirrored Table

Jules_mirrortable4_1Mirror is truly one of the great wonders of the world. It takes a tiny space and enlarges it, it takes a dark space and lightens it.

Here, British designer Julian Lwin created a mirrored modular table, inspired by the late American minimalist sculpture Donald Judd. Judd, who was a fan of the cube shape, would enjoy how this table creates a perpendicular extension in all directions.

This study of light and reflection is a wonderful museum experience, akin to Greek-born Lucas Samaras' Room #2, part of the permanent exhibit at the Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo, NY. But how practical is it for a conference room or dining experience? In a museum a curator can artfully choose what will be reflected -- as in this photo where we see bookcase (and all white folders!) and the great expanse of windows seemingly in perpetuity.

But what of the clods who eat with their mouths open? Or as one of our editors pointed out -- ungroomed nose hair? A table that causes us to look this introspectively at ourselves and others may not be the most appetizing of venues.

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