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June 07, 2006

Walk-in Tubs Open Doors to Bathing

Safety_tub_closedIt's ironic that the bath, that inviting retreat that offers such rejuvenating powers, is off-limits to the population with both time to indulge and the greatest need for it. For those convalescing, infirmed or just not as steady on their feet, climbing into a bath might as well be an ascent to Rushmore.

But pride as it is, few of us want products that scream out our limitations. That's why when we saw the Safety Bath in prototype last year we held our breath that it would become real. And it has.Safety_tub_open

Safety Tub® literally opens the door to bathing for people who lack the mobility to climb into a tub. Walk-in, sit down and fill up the tub and soak for as long as you wish. The patent pending gasket creates a firm seal that doesn't release until the water has drained.

Available in white and beige Acrylic, variety of sizes and optional hydrojets, bubble massage and heaters. Safety Tubs are the epitome of form, function and common sense in the quest for great universal design.

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i need to find a gasket for my comfort bath walk in tub the venetian model

Posted by: james blank | Jun 4, 2008 9:26:19 AM

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