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July 27, 2006

Green Grids Grow on Residential Roofs


For green-thumbed city dwellers, finding garden-ready sites can be a hassle, even depressing during those flower filled summer months. But for gardeners who have a home with a flat or slightly pitched roof, taking plants to the rooftop can be a great way to indulge those Mother Earth yearnings, and make a positive environmental impact to boot.

Green_grid_aerialGreen Grid, a modular grid system designed by engineers, roofers and horticulturists, gives good reason for rooftop parties and reduces energy costs. The grid is pre-planted and can be arranged quickly and easily to give homeowners a string of blue-ribbon benefits.

Consider this: The average outdoor hangout/party garden lacks stunning views, energy savings, and storm water management. A Green Grid has those. Plus it shades, insulates and cools homes, insulates sound, extends roof life and is made of recycled materials. Not to mention the pre-planted bit. Just organize the grid and you're gardening is done. We love it. Too bad our roof is steep as a chute.

The GreenGrid DIY Kit (, 847-918-4149) starts at $34.40 (plus shipping) per module with a minimum order of 12.

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