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July 05, 2006

Modern Hardware for Kitchen and Bath


Appliance pulls start to look the same once you've seen about 10 of them, but Atlas Homewares’ designer Adrienne Morea has created a collection that's sleek, modern and surprisingly fresh.

Zanzibar_brown_brush_1Her Zanzibar Collection combines metal and leather for a slightly masculine look we don't often come across in accessories, even for the home. Pairing brushed chrome or nickel with black or brown leather, Morea's design speaks of harmony and balance. And we think they could bring those to just about any space: sober up a wild look, lend elegance to an organic style, or add a manly touch to very feminine room. After all, switching hardware is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to improve your style at home.

The Zanzibar Collection will be available in August 2006 and includes cabinet, appliance and bath pulls and accessories that will retail for between about $17 and $100.

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