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July 31, 2006

Modern Wallpaper

Image: Twenty2's Columbia Heights paper.

Wallpaper's back and bucking the paint trend by serving up true modern style and ingenuity. From Scratch and Reveal paper (think giant lotto ticket, and have a vacuum handy for foil shavings) to digital prints and hand painted sheets, modern wallpaper's filling the void left by a fading faux finishing trend.

We've found everything from Wallpaper By Numbers, wall-hung strips in the classic paint by numbers mold, to Flexible Glass (Maya Romonoff) and papers that imitate granite and metals (Wallteriors).

Interior designer Anita Lang Mueller, founder of Interior Motives, a high-end, full service interior design firm in Arizona, says she's noticed a growing demand for distinctive wall treatments. She's currently working on an entry way done in Maya Romanoff's Mother of Pearl with Venetian Plaster. It's a classically influenced clean, modern look, and Mueller says, gorgeous but it might not work for everybody. Lucky for us, she disclosed a few insider design secrets that can help us make the right decisions when we choose to cover our walls with paper.

Thinking About Wallpaper?
Check Out These Design Tips First!

• Always think about the light quality in a space (before you do anything, but this especially holds true for painting and papering). Brighten a room with less sun exposure with lighter colors and save the darker, richer hues for rooms with more natural light.

• Wall coverings are like anything else--they have an emotional impact. Before you commit to one, think about the way you would like to feel in a room. You've already narrowed your choices and can choose a treatment that evokes the feeling you want.

• Textural treatments like grasscloth, stringcloth and bamboo are sustainable options that have an inherent sense of quality and timelessness.

• It's hard to find a bold large print that you'll love forever. If you think you might get sick of it before it's time for a revamp, go for wallcoverings with texture and variations in tone. They're hard to get wrong.

• If you love a bold or large print but don't want it to take over the room, try it on one wall.

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