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September 21, 2006

Interior Design Rules

J_adler_1_1For Jonathan Adler, there's one overriding rule for interior design: keep it fun.  Safe design, he says, is such a bummer. But that doesn't mean it's ok to ignore all pretense of good taste. Beyond the one rule, Adler does have an important guideline:

I believe that design should be chic and happy at the same time. I think the key is to strive for a classical foundation--good proportions, timeless sofas, furniture you won't get sick of--and then add a layer of playful punctuation with accessories.

Accessories can be fun, seasonal, less expensive than the big stuff, and easy to swap when tastes change. But doesn't everyone know that?  To create a truly unique, fun, stylish and self-expressive home Adler suggests everything from a punch of orange to ignoring the neighbors.  Get all his tips and tricks in his Interview with Pure Contemporary's Caroline Barry.

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