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September 14, 2006

Cool Cooking


There are so many reasons to love induction cooking. One, it's cool ... literally. And while "hot" in Europe, it is only just coming into its own here in the North America. Two, it is "green" ... as it uses 90% of the energy generated (versus just 50% from other types of cooking). Three, it is safe. Did you know that in a 5 year period, nearly 42,000 children were burned from a hot stove -- with more than 5% of those kids hospitalized? Four, it is fast. Faster than fast, really. Turbo boil water on an induction cooktop.


Now I know you hard core chefs like your gas (which may explain part of the reason for the slow adoption here), but brands like Thermadore & Wolf are offering up to 17 power levels for the ultra control freak. Perhaps the hardest thing to get used to is the timing, as things cook up to 50% faster.

If you aren't familiar with it, induction cooking uses electromagnetic technology which interacts with the iron in pots, so the only area that gets hot is the inside of the pan -- not the stovetop itself. For non-believers a bar of chocolate stradled an induction pan, laying on the "burner" (is it now a "cooler"?). Only the chocolate touching the pan was melted.

The new cooktop may require a new set of induction pots and pans, and for a limited time Thermadore will throw in Belgian's Demeyere cookware.

And there is more good news for those of you with transition issues. Look for hybrid cooktops that offer conventional burners (to work with your old pans) and induction heating.

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Gather 'round

Kwc_top_view_1Regardless of the size of your kitchen, or of the amount of idle hands that wander into it, the multifunctional KWC Waterstation work center for today's modern kitchen is ergonomically designed to provide the ultimate cooking experience. The Waterstation features rotating boards and accessories located around the centralized point of water delivery and revolving base cupboard housing a rotating carousel with removable storage system.Kwc_waterstation_1

Available as a freestanding peninsular unit, built-in counter unit or built-in corner unit, and equipped with a round stainless steel bowl with handle, stainless steel tray, stainless steel drainer tray, mahogany cutting board, mahogany cutting board with cut-outs, and stainless steel bowls for cut-outs.


The KWC WATERSTATION™ TU model comes fully equipped and features only the Top Model portion, ideal for an island application or to integrate within cabinetry.

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September 12, 2006

NOT for Food

Berloni_003This year Berloni stepped out with Enzo Eusebi's carbon fiber and fiber glass concept kitchen, NOT for Food. Shown floating in a pool of red, the highly modern ergonomic kitchen feature sections for cooking, working, and relaxing.

Cooking: the kitchen is outfitted with a basin sink and remote-controlled mixer faucet, cook-top with sensor touch controls, flat scale, pull-out cooker hood, oven, dishwasher, under sink drawers for storage, and a temp-controlled wine drawer with three slots to hold wine on the counter.

Working: we spend so much of our time in the kitchen that it is only fitting that it is conducive to working. NOT for food has a pull-out chair, desktop with an LCD projector to activate a laser keypad displayed on the kitchen's surface, a central computer and wireless system, stainless steel footrests, storage area and is back lit with LED lighting.

Berloni_005_1Relaxing: nothing is better than cooking in your kitchen while surrounded by friends and family -- but where do they sit? A large white chaise lounge with technogel and massage devices, strategically placed near the thermostat holders for warming/cooling drinks, allows visitors to watch the pull-out LCD TV located in the cook top. Next to the chaise are three panels to control Cd's, DVDs, mp3s, a stereo, radio TV, 2 USB ports, and all functions of the kitchen.

Up next for Eusebi? A possible book collaboration with famed architect Daniel Libeskind.

Want to design your own custom kitchen? Berloni's custom department can manufacture a consumer's dream kitchen within 100 days!

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September 11, 2006

More Modern Kids Furniture


Modern kids' mecca Modernseed just launched an online retail shop for Modern Essentials, their exclusive line of children's furniture.

Rooted in the belief that children’s furniture should be multi-functional, playful and affordable, Modernseed founder Melissa Pfeiffer collaborated with husband and designer Eric Pfeiffer to develop a collection that would initially explore the area of play to meet the demands of parents who want more value from an under-served area of children’s furnishings. The result is Modernseed Essentials’ pint-sized furniture, launching with the “Chalker” table, “Chip” chair and the “Bro/Sis” seat. These unique pieces blur the traditional boundaries between functional furniture pieces and “toys”, without compromising on style.

Find out more about what's hot in kids rooms and discover how the Pfieffer's do it your self approach led to founding Modernseed in Kids Go Mad for Mod. Technorati Tags: , , ,

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An Eco-Tip for Modern Lighting

Thumb_simple_steps_1Buying modern lighting is enough of an investment--save cash and environmental resources by powering your new fixtures with compact fluorescent bulbs.

According to ENERGY STAR®, if every American home exchanged the five most frequently used bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs, one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases would be kept out of the air over the course of the bulbs' lives. That's equivalent to the annual emissions of 8 million cars, the annual output of more than 20 power plants, and $6 billion in energy savings.

From General Electric.

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September 08, 2006

Modern Home Design Talent Search!

Whether you're a design field professsional or an average homeowner giving your space a modern look, Pure Contemporary wants to hear from you.

PC will feature the best of the modern home makeovers our readers submit.

No project is too big or too small. Your great ideas for moderinzing and organizing your laundry room or closet could be just the inspiration that gives someone the confidence to go for it in their living or dining room. Your tales of hunting, finding, disappointment and success in trying to do a sustainable, eco-friendly remodel will draw out the advice from other green conscious modern lovers. Have a major design idea breakthrough for kitchens and baths? Show us what you did. We love an inspirational before and after.

Once the hard part of planning, budgeting and actually finishing your project are done, you can finally enjoy it--and show it off. But believe us, we've been around enough home design situations to know that the friends and family you consult with before making any little decision are sick and tired of your project long before the paint dries. Show it to the millions of PC readers who are interested in your real life modern design solutions, ideas, budget buys and budget busters.

Email us at

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Space Age Design


Although they attribute their inspiration to nature's elements, Odue creations for lighting and seating look anything but natural. It's technology that allows the company to bend, color and float materials with space age dexterity and modern, minimalist appeal.

But the undulations of its Amaki sofa, and the suspended colorful loops of the Lyla lighting collection could be said to recall water and air. Maybe that's fire we see in the yellow and orange colorways of the lamps. The collection absolutely stands out, but as an homage to nature? It seems a stretch.

Odue is now being sold through Excelsior.


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September 07, 2006

Fashion Rocks the Small Screen


Pop culture bands brand like no other and have power to turn small fashion designers into couture stars with the change of an outfit. Paring fashion and rock is a no-brainer, as tonight's concert Fashion Rocks 2006 prooves.

Fashion Rocks performers Elton John, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Bon Jovi, The Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, Elton John, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, The Pussycat Dolls, Scissor Sisters, and Kanye West make statements with music as well as with their styles. This is a group for whom looking good and sounding good are top priorities. And after the show they'll head to a party that indulges those very needs.

The guests will be entertained by technology's most impressive mirrors––Seura's Television Mirrors. And because each mirror/tv will be playing the entire Fashion Rocks show during the party, the A-listers will get what they really want--the ability to see themselves in the present as well as the past. Finally, those all important questions, "How do I look? and, "How did I look?" will be answered at once! For anyone not on the after party guest list, Fashion Rocks will air tomorrow on CBS at 9pm eastern, 8pm central.

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Eco Electronics


When it comes to embracing modern design, electronics manufacturers lead the way. Their high-design, high-tech products ease consumers into a mindset that's increasingly accepting of modern design in non-tech products, like furniture. But when it comes to the environment, these forward thinking manufacturers fall far behind the curve.

In a recent study of tech. companies, Greenpeace International declined to give a "green" rating to any, but marked Nokia and Dell as the most eco-minded businesses. Falling far behind the pack was the electronics company most closely aligned with the young, conscious consumer--Apple computer.

Apple is known for cutting edge electronics with simple interfaces, and for having built a consumer network that praises the company with cult-like devotion. Innovations like the iPod and $499 Mac Mini computer helped the company shoot from 16th in 2004 to 3rd the next year in's ranking of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies. With so many people buying the iPod as first in a series of long term Apple choices, Apple could easily continue including toxins in their products. We buy them anyway.

Greenpeace urges consumers to contact companies lagging on environmental initiatives and ask that they start recycling old products and keep toxins out of new ones. It credits such consumer feedback with the declarations Samsung, Nokia, Sony, and Philips made to remove toxic chemicals from their products in the future. But, according to The Economist, even Greenpeace can't avoid being a little supportive of the coolest computer company. It plans to spread the word on e-waste through the technology Apple made commonplace--podcasting.

Check out the full report and tell companies your electro-style is sustainable at Greenpeace.

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September 06, 2006

Relief for appliances

This month's issue of Dwell showcases an air conditioner cover from Leslie Fry -- perfect for covering your unsightly cooling units now that summer is winding down.

Ac_cover_croppedConstructed from plaster reliefs, custom covers are available online.

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