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October 23, 2006

Get Rocked


Modern Rocking chairs offer all of the homey comfort of their traditional predecessors, without tipping a home’s decor back in time.

That’s why we love the Keinu by Eero Aarnio. With a form so round the ball stop is actually a necessary part of the design, Keinu gives rockers a curvaceous and exciting look they’re just not known for.

The seat creates a signature Aarnio cocoon around the sitter with closed sides that reach up to the armrests, and the bright yellow version gives makes the chair a fun way to rock the stress out. Even Anthropologie, the outfitter and home store known for making older designs and styles relevant again, jumped on this design.

Is this a sign that modernism is finally becoming mainstream enough for the well-heeled traditional-ite? We hope so.

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