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October 02, 2006

Massage Chair in Style

Moon_l47 It's always dangerous to sit down when working a trade show since I may not want to get up again. It was really bad news when I sat in the Keyton massage chair. Wow. My legs, my back, my neck ... it was ... wonderful.

Truly the Keyton chair is not a chair that gives a massage. Rather it is a personal masseuse in the form of a chair.  An electronics engineer, Enrique Cantó set out to create a robotic massage and he did so in style. Make no mistake. This is no gimicky and ungainly vinyl box that some people call a massage chair. First it was the looks that got me into the chair. Streamlined like a race car, with stainless steel legs, and leather that is beyond soft. When I asked who designed these, I found out that one of the design consultants was none other than Giugiario Design. The father-son industrial design firm is known for the Fiat, Alpha Romero and most recently Scavolini "Flux" kitchens. This is one chair that would love terrific in a contemporary living room.

If it were looks that got me into the chair, it was the SensorFT that almost took me hostage.

The chair features KEYTON SensorFT® massage technology, which is lingo for providing a massage that feels eerily like a pair of hands kneading you. This new technology adapts to the back perfectly, allowing the massage arms to reach the neck and lumbar regions and even the hard to reach shoulder area. The Keyton chairs are available throughout Europe and as of October, throughout North America.

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love this chair!
i wish we had this at the chemotherapy clinic.
well, i wish there were modern contemporary chemo clinics.
the one i go to is drab + dreary.
i'm going to post this on my blog + when i get chemo, i'll close my eyes + pretend i'm in this chair!

Posted by: mod*mom | Oct 3, 2006 8:32:35 PM

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