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October 19, 2006

Sculpted Foam Furniture


"Rubik" by Outer Limits, is the latest scupltedt-foam form by the California company. The wavy modern modules are surprisingly comfortable and make a distinct statement. The glass and aluminum table in the foreground is by Seco Furniture.

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Laser Hide Removal

StoneWhen the Italians do laser hair removal ... they end up with this innovative chair from Stone International. Long known for its travertine, marble and granite furniture, Stone has for some time been playing with hides in its upholstery program.

This plain leather chair (if orange is ever considered "plain") is given a burst of personality as tufts of cow hair sprout from the lasered-smooth, suede surface. The subtraction process leaves a uniquely textured and decorative surface.

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October 18, 2006

PLAYSAM, Toys for Everyone


PLAYSAM toys engage adults as easily as they do children. So it makes sense that their collection of high-end Scandinavian designed products includes an extensive line of Executive Gifts, suitible for the most sophisticated toy aficionado.

With small toys, ride-on toys and desk top collectibles of great quality and streamlined design, PLAYSAM products beg to be played with.

One section of their site gives a sneek peek of up and coming designs. Maybe it's meant to whet our appetites for more and keep us coming back, but even without it, I'd visit again.

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October 16, 2006

Fagor Cooks with Alno


High-end kitchen manufacturer Alno will be heating up its showrooms this year with appliances from Fagor. Spain's Fagor hits the US as Fagor America Inc. in Alno's Boston and San Diego showrooms.

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New power chair

Villain_chair_3The oversized lounge chair from Suck UK is the new power-player in the office.

The Villain chair rests on a base of chrome, steel, and aluminium, and is covered in plush squares upholstered in leather.

Ready to take on the world? Begin with this chair!

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October 15, 2006

Design for Health


Check out London's Evelina Childrens' Hospital. The $90 million renovation and expansion project by architect Sir Michael Hopkins actually constructed -- and most importanly -- listened to a children's advisory board to determine the amenities and aura a child might like. The results are stunning and invigorating. The use of primary colors creates a visual energy that is usually missing from any institution, let alone a hospital.


Serving a multi-lingual audience (as many as 140 languages needed to be accommodated), the seven floors were themed by color and nature. The ocean is the ground floor -- and the sky is the top. In between are Arctic, Forest, Beach, Savannah and Mountain Level -- all accessible by rocketship! Intricate medallion inlays bring the themes alive on the sound-proof floor. The flooring was made from Freudenberg's nora®-brand products, chosen because of it sustainability and met the hospital's stringent requirements.

As Architects for Health point out, workplace design can and should be adopted for health care design. And certainly if laughter is the best medicine, there shouldn't be any shortage with 17 activity stations.

Thanks for the tip, Mom*Mom!

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October 12, 2006

10% off shopping!

DWR 468 x 60

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder -- stay warm with cozy bedding from DWR.

Shop DWR now through Oct. 16 and receive 10% off more than 1,000 products during their semi-annual sale!

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Building Relationships

Cover_architecture_1Soaring steeples and Brutalist buildings may capture our attention as we walk by, but do they have the power to affect our emotions?

Philosopher and writer Alain de Botton explores the power of architecture in his new book "The Architecture of Happiness."

Check out the discussion broadcast Wednesday on N.P.R's "Talk of the Nation" here.

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Get that retro feeling

Retro_70s_hallJoe M., a curious homeowner, came to Pure Contemporary with a tough color question - I am having trouble choosing authentic retro 70s colors for my walls. Can you help me find the right orange, green, and yellow shades?

We turned to expert Denise Turner, ASID, CID and the Color Marketing Group's Western Regional chairman, for advice:

The classic green, yellow, and orange shades of the 70s belonged to Pantone:
Pantone 18-0430 Avocado
Pantone 16-0948 Harvest Gold
Pantone 16-1448 Burnt Orange

The closet matches today are from Benjamin Moore:
496 (match for Avocado)
279 (match for Harvest Gold)
076 (match for Burnt Orange)

Retro_70s_kitchenExperiment with Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer to test these colors on images of your own home!.

What's on the palette for 2007? Check out Denise Turner's 2007 Color Forecast, and don't miss Denise on HGTV Oct. 14th at 9pm PT & ET where she'll unveil her newly designed bed/bath suite.

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October 10, 2006

Modern Limestone


Whether in modern minimalist homes or grand traditional estates, stones like limestone and sandstone have long been materials of choice, and for just as long, they've looked pretty much the same. Though the architecture or use may change, these stones are usually cut into smooth large squares.

Limestone Gallery sees traditional stones in a new light, and it's one that can be played with. Shadowed and sculpted so stone shows depth and a wealth of tonal variations, Limestone Gallery's new Mosaic Collection gives old stones a sculptural quality infused with warmth and a decidedly contemporary flair.

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