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November 30, 2006

Natural Coasters and Agate Galore

54068850_bbe409fcb4My Christmas wish list just grew to include the Agate coasters, or the plates, or ornaments from Viva Terra. The colors are great--vibrant jewel tones, and the swirls in each stone have got to appeal to just about anyone. Who doesn't love it when natural geological occurances come together with home design?

Plus with all of the options, giving and getting some sort of Agate gift this holiday season falls within some pretty reasonable budgets.

A set of four coasters or two plates is $60, or pick up a set of 6 ornaments for $49.

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November 29, 2006

A Chair Built for Tilters

Stokke_zerogravity I am a HUGE Stokke fan. The Norwegian furniture company has made outstanding ergonomic and functional furniture for decades. I have two Balans chairs in my office and if I had little ones, would buy the Stokke high chair in a heartbeat. Now they have the Zero-Gravity rocker. This odd-looking contraption can be rocked into various positions -- and zero gravity mean it stays in that position until you move. Hate to sit still? This is your chair. And if it is anything like its predecessors, the Zero-Gravity Rocker will be incredibly comfortable and durable. 

Go ahead contort yourself and throw this baby into a variety of different positions. Made of beech, Stokke offers an unheard of 7-year warranty on the frame -- so relax and tilt away.

Thanks for the tip, Design-Milk!

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High Leather Headboard -- No Picture Needed


New from American Leather... Rick Lee's Evy headboard and bench.

Evy_headboard_and_bench_1The Evy is another in a series of high leather headboards that Lee has designed for AL -- although a complete departure from the sleek Menlo Park version introduced last Spring. Menlopark

The tall, upholstered, and channeled headboard curves on the sides to enclose the bed. The freestanding headboard is finished way below a conventional mattress level -- to accommodate even the lowest profile platform bed. Available in leather and/or UltraSuede®.

Living in earthquake country, I wonder if the high headboards are Lee's answer to never wanting anything hanging over the bed!

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November 28, 2006

Literary gift-giving

Finding the perfect gift for the art aficionado in your life this holiday season just got easier.

In his new full-color illustrated book, Art In King Size Beds: A Collector's Journal, journalist and art collector Michael K. Corbin explores the works of today's living artists.

Check out more modern reading suggestions.

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Inexpensive Gifts with Style

We love the Nambe serving platter featured in this year's Gift Guide, but we know not everyone's ready to shell out over $200 for a Secret Santa gift.

That's why I was thrilled when I found the Bamboo and Stainless Steel Cheese Server hiding in the depths of Crate and's Outlet section.

BamboosscheeseserverroundllA round version of Nambe's tray with bamboo instead of cherry, this platter achieves the same look at a lower price. You sacrifice size and some functionality, but the CB version does come apart to create two trays, a definite plus. As for the ability to carve a roast on it, I don't think so, but for $22, who really cares?

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November 27, 2006

Free shipping at Chiasso

'Tis the season for giving... and receiving! Shop Chiasso now and receive free shipping.

Chiasso_sale_2 Shop Now!

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Modern Menorahs

Looking for a modern menorah? Check out a few of our finds.

Curves Menorah from Any Menorah

Nambe_menorah Menorah from Nambe

Rite_lite_menorah Rite Lite's Aluminum Menorah

Utopia_menorah_1Utopia Menorah from Jonathan Adler

Fused_glass_menorah_uncommon_goodsThe colorful fused glass Amazing Technicolor Menorah
available at Uncommon Goods

Shapes_menorah_chiassoShapes Menorah at Chiasso

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November 26, 2006

12 Days of Christmas -- Modern Style


The classic gifts for those 12 days leading up to Christmas would be a nightmare in reality (for proof, check out this hysterical parody written in 1972). So Pure Contemporary's Caroline Barry modernized the classic to come up with her own list of suggestions for under the tree. We think you'll agree that trading some birds in for one of these Red Volcano fireplaces is a hot idea. Fireplace_2_1

And how about those 5 Golden Rings for these 5 ceramic trivets by Realm Dekor.

Hey Scott! (Caroline's new husband) check out the rest of her list!

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November 23, 2006

Host & Hostess Gift Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving! The food stuffed family holiday is traditionally gift free, but don't be fooled. It's the gateway holiday to the major rush of annual gift giving that 'tis the season. And while presents don't make a splash today, it is always appropriate to bring a host or hostess gift, and to keep these smaller gifts on hand for giving at parties throughout the season.

D_234Sick of giving wine? Try the Ribbon Bottle Opener, cheap and chic from Scott Henderson's Mint, Inc, just $18 through

MediaFor a more fiery gift, try the sophisticated and minimalist Cylinder Candleholder by Swedish design master Magnus Löfgren. The matte silver compact-like design is made from nickel plated brass, so it never needs polishing but the lid's reflective surface makes the most of a single votive. $25 from Scandinavian Details.

Tn_52758Paper cocktail napkins are a great on the fly host or hostess gift--provided they're not plain white. Holiday, monogrammed and custom styles are stylish and easy to buy from Fine for $5 for 20.

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November 22, 2006

Umbra Factory Sale


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