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December 14, 2006

Brookbend Cedar Outdoor Furniture

I remember outdoor furniture designer Richard Schultz telling me that one of the materials he would like to experiment with is cedar. He mentioned that teak is common for outdoor furniture use, and that cedar is common as a home building material, but that cedar furniture is relatively rare. He was right about that.

And right about his hunch that cedar's ideal for building al fresco furniture, but Brookbend is the company that proved it. Brookbend's simple designs belie loads of function. Check out their large storage bench. Runabout_collage_1With enough room to store patio necessities like chair cushions and alcohol, it also seats three and folds out to create another table top; $899-$1,194.

We also like the smaller Runabout version. It saves room, delivers all of the extras of its bigger brother, features cute-as-button wheels for easy mobility, and costs less. Just $349-$454.

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