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December 13, 2006

The Ins & Outs of home trends

Trends in home remodeling are constantly changing. Here's the ins and outs on hot home trends from Mark Nash, author of Real Estate A-Z for Buying and Selling a Home.

What's in?

Upscale garages: They're not just for cars anymore! Homeowners are looking for large garages to fill with cabinet and storage systems, refridgerators, air conditioning, flooring and more! The goal is to make the area into another residential space. For those of us living in colder climate, we suggest adding radient heat!

Caving: It may be the key to a happy, lasting marriage... separate spaces! Homeowners are creating separate areas dedicated to one person only -- a room to relax, exercise, and work.

Heated patios: As a group of Northerners, we welcome this trend at Pure Contemporary! Heated patios, walkways and driveways = less snow shoveling. Adding heated patios to homes increases the useable space in all types of weather.

Snoring rooms: I was wrong... THIS is the key to a lasting marriage. The goal is to take the shame and loneliness out of leaving the master bedroom for shuteye on the sofa. In addition to a sleeping area, closet and dressing room, bathroom, and lounge, today's master suites are being outfitted with small snoring rooms (complete with bed and decor).

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It's so over!

Spiral staircases: Tough on older homeowners, children, and pets, Nash advises sellers to remove and replace them before putting a home on the market.

Bamboo floors: Wood floors require added maintenance, but Nash advises replacing the easily scratched, warping-prone bamboo ASAP.

Hardwood laminate flooring: Nash doesn't recommend this cheaper alternative, "they don't stand up to multiple sandings to change color or remove stains."

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