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December 05, 2006

Explore Fjords -- Traditional Craftsmanship + Modern Style

Baloo_boontje Hjellegjerde was that "other" Norwegian furniture company that made incredibly well-crafted leather recliners with a variety of wood bases. Over the last couple years, the company has tried on new names, experimented with off-shore production and embraced high fashion. The results are exciting. That hard to pronounce name is now simply: Fjords -- which is to remind you that these pieces are hand-made in the mother country.

Baloo has the familiarity of a 1960’s classic. Renowned Norwegian designer Olav Eldoy’s Baloo dazzles with its split personality. As a showpiece, the chair makes a sophisticated retro statement. But with a 360 degree swivel and  rocker functions, it is a very sprite chair. Available in leather or microfiber with chrome legs. Matching ottoman, with coordinating chrome legs are also available.

And look at Contura. Award-winning designer Svein Asbjornsen conceived a new kind of first-class airline seating that is elegant, and so comfortable you could sit for hours and still feel relaxed. The secret is "zero gravity" technology, just like they use in the space shuttle. The locking handle allows the chair to seamlessly glide and lock into any position, suspending you in air. Both chairs are handmade in Norway.


Fjords is leading, not following, with leathers. The ever supple Elmo leathers are hand-painted, embossed, embroidered and even quilted. And color (although not evident in this striking embroidered pattern by Tord Boontje above) is not to be denied.

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Aret here dealers of the Fjords of Norway line of furnitue in Texas, USA? Seeking Contura 2010 or Contura 2080 for example.
G. Oshman

Posted by: Geoffry Oshman | Feb 16, 2008 7:31:16 PM

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